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About Me


Clarinet teacher Kitsap:  I am a skilled clarinetist located in Kitsap County, Washington who has had great training, and the professional career to back it up. I am also a kind, supportive teacher who wants to work with a student in the way they need to be worked with. Whether your ambitions are modest, you want a career in music, or somewhere in between, I can, and would like, to help you.

I played clarinet in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for 40 years, retiring in August of 2015. As a member of the ASO, I've toured Europe, made Grammy award winning recordings, and played in Carnegie Hall many times. I have a Bachelor of Music degree (with Distinction) from Indiana University's respected School of Music. I have played a lot of chamber music as well, both in the United States, and touring Spain with the Atlanta Virtuosi. I have been Adjunct Instructor of clarinet at Georgia State University, and at Georgia Institute of Technology.

My special strengths as a teacher include being able to help a student develop a beautiful sound, and solve technical problems including finger technique and articulation. In addition I am good at helping people discover the musical meaning behind the notes. I can help you find your musical path. I am happy to help less advanced players with all fundamentals, which are the foundation we all need, regardless of our level. I am knowledgeable, kind, and able to set standards for you as needed.

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